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Laser Cap

Laser Cap


The Laser Cap was invented by M.I.T. trained optical physicist David Smith, PhD and Michael Rabin, MD. They collaborated on the project with Harvard-based photo medicine specialist Michael Hamblin, PhD as well as famous hair restoration physician Robert Haber, MD. The team successfully designed a portable treatment device with 224 low level laser lights that can be used at home or on the go.

Other hair growth remedies can’t compete with the benefits of laser caps. These benefits include but are not limited to its high powered laser lights, its fast and easy convenience, its simple instructions, the fact that it is discreet, and the elimination of weekly trips to the doctor’s office.

Using a laser cap device

Experience the freedom and convenience of cap’s hair growth solutions. Simply charge it and place it inside the provided hat, or place it inside your own hat. You can then go about your daily activities without having to set aside time for LLLT.

It is important to make sure that the lasers target and stimulate the scalp area for maximum effectiveness.

Use as instructed daily and see improved results in 60 days. It’s that easy.

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